Saturday, April 10, 2010

At home with C. and her younger sister M.

This is C.'s first year at our school and her parents have made many changes in their household to foster her independence at home.  C. has a younger sister, (M.), so these changes have had to work for both children.  I think they've done a marvelous job because, as you can see in the pictures, the changes work for both girls.  C.'s mother has graciously supplied text to go along with the photos so I'll step back and let her guide you through their home.  Enjoy!

"These first two photos show a corner in the kitchen that used to be home to a TV. It now has an easel and art supplies, as well as child-sized cleaning supplies. I had to dig in the basement to find the old magazine table for the cleaning supplies... I remember it well from my own childhood! Having the TV removed from the kitchen has had a huge impact. The space is now quiet and peaceful, and C. has stopped asking to watch TV and is finding more creative ways to direct her energy."

"These photo shows the space opposite the cleaning supplies. We were lucky enough to have a grandpa build this beautiful table for us for C's first birthday. The table lid can be lifted and reveals a small space where further art supplies are kept. C. often eats
and plays at this table, especially when she has little guests."

"The next series of photos is of the play room, attached to the kitchen. Originally built by previous owners as a sun room to house plants in the winter, it has become a welcoming space for the girls to explore. The windowsills are only 2.5' high, so we have begun using them as shelves. The previous owners left us an old toy box,
which is also being used as a "shelf", and I've been storing toys and puzzles inside and rotating them. "

"Since C. is old enough to help with the gardening, we have used one sill for seedlings. As a one year old, her sister, M., is busy pulling things down and
loves making a mess, so we have hid this sill behind a fabric play house that C. was given at Christmas. This fabric playhouse also acts as a private space for C. when she needs some quiet time."

"I've added containers to our pantry for C's morning cereal. I have also bought small pitchers for the fridge for milk. Mornings are much more pleasant now that C. can get most of her breakfast herself."

"This was C's cupboard before we arranged her new one. It is now used by both girls for cutlery, although M, still hasn't quite caught on to the idea of an organized cupboard. "

Stay "tuned"  more from C. & M.'s house in a few weeks………


  1. I love M's sense of order! Great pic of the seedlings. C & M look like they feel right at home.

  2. Love that last pic! And I love the child-sized cleaning supply area... That table is perfect, too.