Monday, March 14, 2011

A New Addition to S.'s Family

At  8 lbs, 12 oz, a little brother was born at home on March 1, 2011. 

"S. will eventually be sharing this room with his brother once he is ready to leave our bed, but I'm not sure either how this will work out. I don't think it would be safe to have both on a floor bed, S. is only 18 months old and has an unwanted interest in C's eyes. So I think a crib might be necessary for awhile. As for sharing space, S's clothes could move to the closet, where he can practice hanging things on hangers, and the little one can have his clothes in the dresser. Also S. can have his toys on the higher up shelves and C's things can be on the lower shelves. It will get interesting when the room gets turned upside down in a mess and both will deny any participation in it! "


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A new house and a new bedroom for S.

This past year has been one full of changes for S.  Many of you will remember S. as the child who inspired me to begin this blog.  His mother is a teacher at our school and is, at this very moment, waiting at home for the birth of her (very overdue) second child.

S. and his parents recently bought (and are renovating) a new home.  Here are some pictures of S.' s new bedroom.

The low Montessori-style bed and the set of drawers are the same as in the previous photos of S.'s room.  He can now open the drawers and select his own clothes.  As K. (Mum) mentioned, she puts only a couple of choices in each drawer in order not to overwhelm S. while giving him the freedom and independence of deciding which clothes he'd like to wear.  I also love how low the window is.  S. can easily look outside any time he wishes.

His belongings are set out on a shelf where he has easy access to them.  (It should be noted that these pictures were taken just after the room was put together. The cord to the CD player has since been secured to the back of the shelf unit.)  A couple of cheerful pictures have been hung at S.'s eye level and the space is not overly decorated or accessorized. 

In addition to the set of drawers in the room, there are hooks on one of the walls to facilitate S. hanging up his towel, jacket, etc.  Notice how low the hooks are.  S. has no trouble reaching them at all.

And finally, here is a picture of S. and his baby doll. A lovely way to help prepare a child for a new brother or sister.

Thanks, K.!