Monday, September 29, 2014

A Beautiful Summer Family Project

I've just received photos from one of our parents showing the outdoor project they took on this past summer.  We had marvellous weather this year and I can easily see how this wonderful play space would keep E. and her friends outside all day long.

Hi Cynthia,

A family project to share with Montessori! We had a large project for the summer which involved taking out all our grass on the side yard to create an amazing, fun play space for E. and her friends to share.

 E. was involved as much as possible and we had so much fun creating this space.

 E. is out in her new garden at 7.30 in the mornings using her imagination!! She made a camp fire in the tee-pee and we bought some assorted round balls and wooden sticks to make marshmallows and she toasts them on the camp fire. The boat is her sand box with a beach area all around it. Peter built a fence and gate to enclose the garden and the scraps of wood Emily uses to build.  We tried to keep the garden as natural as possible. We all love our new garden!


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