Friday, October 18, 2013

Made by Joel .......

Last year in Art class, the children took a virtual trip to Paris.  While they watched an hour long video that someone took while on a walking tour of Paris, the children cut out, coloured and set up their own mini version of that city.  Of course, they all wanted to make a city at home so I emailed the link to their parents.

If you have a bit of time, explore around this website.  It is called Made by Joel and it can be found here.  It is full of wonderful things the children can make at home.  Just the sort of thing parents need when it is time to turn off the television. :-)

One mother sent me some pictures after following the link.

Here her older boy colours one of the printouts.  Then he cut them out .......

and set them up.  His own mini version of Paris.

Do yourself a favour and check out Made by Joel.  Print out some of his free templates and have them on hand when you need something to keep the children engaged or, better yet, sit down and create something with them!

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