Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sharing a small space

This week's post comes from E. & K.'s mother.  Both girls attend our school - E. is in Level 1 and K. is in my Primary classroom.  Their mother teaches in the other Primary classroom and their father (a carpenter) spends many hours building things for the school.  I think you'll agree that these parents have found some very innovative ways to help their children with more independence at home.

"E. cleaning with her own spray bottle. What a proud day that was, when they got their own spray bottles (filled with vinegar water). When the feeling strikes, like tonight, she'll ask to clean the bathroom, and especially loves to scrub the toilet! Go figure! "

"The next picture is E's books, light and cd player (Peace and Quiet, Mr. Bach comes to visit, Peter and the Wolf, Dance on a Moonbeam are some favorites) to help facilitate bedtime independence. She will often read for an hour, then turn off the light when she's ready. K. has a similar set up - she chooses her music, and can look at books in bed if she wants."

"The vanity in their part of the bathroom was installed lower, so K. (4 1/2) can reach the tap without a stepstool."

"The final pictures shows how a small space can be divided to provide privacy for two children who share one room. We have a curtain set up so that during the day it is open while at night it is closed to provide a sense of separateness."

Thanks, girls!

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  1. Lovely idea, I do believe this idea will come in handy at my home. Thank you!