Saturday, May 8, 2010

M. helps around the house.

M.' parents sent me some recent pictures of M. helping out around the house.  (You may remember M. from the very first posts on this blog. ) M.'s mother also sent some commentary to go along with the photos.

Here are some new pics of M. participating in our daily activities. 

M. carrying a log from the wheel barrow to the basket on the deck. This is something he has volunteered to help with so I try to find some smaller pieces for him but they are still big and heavy.  He enjoys the weight.
(Cynthia adds - I love watching children challenge themselves. It is important that adults respect that and not help when help is not needed.  It is equally important to watch for signs of frustration - because that's when it may be time to step in and offer to help.)

M. watering the plant with his small watering can. I have put a small amount of water in the baby tub for him to be independent.

M. washing the lettuce and putting the wet leaves in the "thing" to dry them. Tonight he actually was able to pull on the sting to make it turn. It is a first!

M. likes to take out the dried laundry from the dryer and put it into a basket.

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